That taste, the domain of God

The world\'s first and best carbon cooking pots

The results speak for themselves with the world\'s first carbon cooking pots
\'We want everyone the world over to know of the benefits of carbon\'
This was the concept that led to the creation of our masterpieces

Made In Japan

HOMUSUBI presents the world\'s first carbon cooking pots
All manufacturing processes, from machining the original materials through to the final coating,
every step is Made in Japan

Maximizing the special characteristics of carbon

Heat conductiion is excellent, and heat penetrates evenly
The effects of the far infrared rays ensure the heat penetrates all the way through.
Fluorine processing prevents food from sticking to the surface and makes rinsing a breeze
Rice cooks in just half the time of an earthenware pot

Uncompromising in absolutely every respect
Successfully combining functionality with beautiful design
Brings out the full flavor of your ingredients

Chef-approved quality

Quality recognized by chefs, precisely because they are professionals
Masterpieces so beautiful that customers want one of their own

This Japanese restaurant has a carbon cooking pot
We want our customers to enjoy the tastiest Japanese rice possible

The carbon pot is skillfully maneuvered at this Italian restaurant
Heart-warming food and talk

\'Sake and koji\' at Ikkonsansai
A focus on Japanese fermented flavorings

Japanese restaurant of charcoal pot

Delicious Japanese rice
I would like to eat it.

Osaka,Japan \"Rakushin\"

Italian manipulating charcoal

Heartwarming cuisine and talk

群馬県高崎市 ラウラ・イタリコ

Sake and Koji \"Ikkonsansai\"

Focus on sum fermented seasoning

Nihonbashi,Japan \"Ikkonsansai\"



The HOMUSUBI range is growing

Our products are developed in relentless pursuit of the ultimate level quality
Satisfying to use, delicious to eat from, and easy to fall in love with
Welcome to a new era of top quality