Obon tray


Delicate and beautiful Japanese traditional crafts.

It is a tray using traditional crafts “Ukimoku” and “Kumiko” in Numata City, Gumma Prefecture.

Beautiful Japanese “crafts” with wood grain impressive.

A delicate and complicated pattern is wonderful .

It is a traditional handicraft that Japan boasts of the world, which advanced technology of skilled craftsmen produced.

“Ukimoku” is …
It is a cedar made craft produced in Numata city, Gumma prefecture.
The main products are vase, seat table, tea table, tray.
“Ukimoku” is a product of wood using beautiful wood grain.
Beautiful wood grain becomes more beautiful by burning with fire.

“Kumiko” is …
It is Japanese woodcraft technology that has been polished for many years.
“Kumiko” assembles timber without using nails.