We feel very strongly about certain concepts that matter to us.

Our carbon cooking pots are the manifestation of our emphasis on these concepts.
We began with a desire to fully leverage the excellent properties of carbon as a material, and the result is these carbon pots.
Furthermore, HOMUSUBI is the result of the value we place on each of the concepts of Quality, Design, Performance, Functionality, and Packaging.
We have insisted that each of these processes be performed in Japan, so we can confidently say that our products are Made in Japan.

Try them → Be moved → Be delighted → Feel satisfied → Use them forever

This is the secret to our happiness as a company.


Our seven valued concepts

1. Made in Japan
・ The materials are manufactured in Japan.
・Machine processing is performed in Japan.
・ Coating processes are performed in Japan.
・ The packaging materials (including the paulownia wood box, paper carton, and furoshiki cloth wrapper) are all made in Japan.

Our company is most proud of the fact that this product is authentically Made in Japan, as all processes have been undertaken in Japan.



2. High quality
・ We specially selected high-end materials (CIP carbon) as the material most suited to cookware.
・ The machining has been performed delicately and with precision, and each step has been scrupulously checked.
・ Japan’s foremost coating techniques ensure that carbon’s characteristics are drawn out with no loss of the carbon properties.

We have always been fastidious when it comes to quality control, and our insistence on the best possible materials, processes and coating ensures that our carbon pots can continue to be used indefinitely.


3. High ability
・ Excellent thermal conductivity and the effects of the far infrared rays enable rice to be cooked in half the time of earthenware pots, enhancing the characteristics of the ingredients.
・ We have conducted extensive research into leveraging the performance of carbon, resulting in a shape that is perfect for cooking.
・ Compared to iron pots, our carbon cooking pots are significantly lighter and have demonstrated much better durability with respect to sudden changes in temperature. They also have much better longevity than earthenware pots.

We have also maintained a focus on the design while emphasising functionality, and continue our research and development in this area on a daily basis.


4. Coating
・ Japan’s foremost coating techniques ensure no loss of carbon’s properties.
・ Based on our pursuit of stability, hygiene, burn resistance, ease of cleaning up, and beauty, we decided on fluorine processing for the pots’ surface.
・ We have achieved heat resistance to 500 ℃, making these pots compatible with all heat sources and extending the longevity of HOMUSUBI products.

The luxurious coating is truly the most important feature of these high-end carbon cooking pots.


5. Design
・ We have inforporated a tasteful Made in Japan design suited to the Japanese concept of ‘wa’.
・ In addition to our ageless traditional designs, we have incorporated modern designs in order to accommodate contemporary demands. And we have worked hard to ensure that our design prevents any loss of functionality.



6. Packaging
・ We chose paulownia wooden boxes, showcasing the traditional craftsmanship of Kanazawa, for their unrivalled beauty.
・Wrapping paper made of Japanese paper made by “traditional craftsmen” handed down by Hosokawa Paper in Saitama prefecture is proud that we can satisfy not only luxury but also delicate and water strongly .
・ Similarly for cushioning materials, using washi paper made of “Tanino”, everyone who is awarded will be wrapped in peace of mind and kindness.

Our company’s motto is to offer heartfelt hospitality through to the end in everything we do.


7. Pleasing our customers
・ We genuinely want to make our customers happy, to have them feel moved by our products and to ensure that they are satisfied.
・ We want our customers to continue to use our pots, so it is critical that our products are loved, and we will spare no effort in this regard.
・ Our customers must love our pots in order to choose them, so we will continue to provide products of value. Cost performance is dependent on satisfaction. To achieve this, we have condensed the results of our ongoing efforts.

We will never rest on our laurels but will continue to evolve and develop our products, keeping these seven valued concepts in mind.