Japanese herb tea


Natural blessing tea


With the cycle of the moon we are alive.
Based on this idea is a blended tea of ​​a new idea blended.

Three kinds of herbal tea outstanding compatibility with carbon pot dish.

· “Full moon tea” of discharge
· “New Moon tea” of absorption
· “Crescent Moon Tea” of Growth

Recommended for those who want to relax with nature’s rhythm.

※ Our tea is prepared by ShopDouee’s Medical Herbalist.



Full moon tea
The timing of the full moon is the timing of Detox.
Herbal blend that is fragrant and easy to drink on a barley base.
It is effective in suppressing cholesterol absorption and eliminating swelling.


New Moon tea
The timing of the new moon is the timing of absorption.
Herb blend which makes a refreshing mellow taste.
Iron, vitamin, calcium, magnesium are abundantly contained.
It is a blended tea with excellent nutrient absorption.


Crescent tea
The timing of crescent moon is the timing of regeneration.
Refined taste of the finest grade Ruibosu base.
Remove active oxygen that rusts the body.
This tea is recommended for those who want to stay young forever.