Characteristic 1
High thermal conductivity

The carbon material is excellent in thermal conductivity of iron, stainless steel and the like.
Heat spreads throughout the pot, making uneven cooking possible.
In addition, it is possible to quickly confine the substance’s umami with the large thermal power unique to the carbon material.


Characteristic 2
It is excellent in far infrared ray effect

The far infrared rays generated by charcoal fire bake the surface of material quickly, so the charcoal fire is delicious.

It was the influence of the charcoal fire that I aimed for.
Charcoal realizes the effect of charcoal fire with material.
By warming to 35 ° C. or higher, far infrared rays are generated from the carbon material.

Cooking, baking, boiling, steam
Excellent far infrared effect for various dishes.


Characteristic 3

Artifacts cut out by craftsmen one by one

The carbon material that becomes the material of the cooker is actually made over three months or more.
In order to eliminate impurities and increase the strength, high-temperature firing is repeated, and 99.9% of innocent carbon material is made.

Processing the finished carbon material into a pot is a skill of skilled craftsmen.
Since the carbon material can not be pressed to melt and harden it, the craftsman cuts every pot from the material and it is made.

And its surprising precision.
Because it scrapes out with accuracy of 0.01 mm, it has high sealing feeling with the lid and it is possible to cook anhydrous.

A cooking pot that Japanese craftsmen carefully spend time building is just a craft.
HOMUSUBI charcoal blows a new style into Japanese tradition and culture.


Characteristic 4
Fluorine processing prevents food from sticking to the surface and makes rinsing a breeze

The interior of the pot is coated with high quality fluorine.

Fluorine coating technology of carbon material is very difficult, and it has been considered difficult to keep the quality as a product.

HOMUSUBI’s pot realizes fluorine coating.
Prevent burning of dishes, it is very easy to clean.


Characteristic 5
Made in Japan

HOMUSUBI presents the world’s first carbon cooking pots
All manufacturing processes, from machining the original materials through to the final coating,
every step is Made in Japan